The Smart, Cloud Powered, and Wifi Connected Irrigation System.

What is Droplet?

The brains of your irrigation system...

  • Plug & play - new or existing.

  • Waters your lawn.

...connected to the cloud...

  • Automatic weather adjustments.

  • Software updates.

...giving you simple, modern functionality.

  • Control from anywhere.

  • Use any device.

  • Smart water usage.

  • Unlimited schedules.

  • View history.

No more unreliable rain sensors, trips to the basement to change settings, or watering when it rains!

How it works


  • Plug Droplet in & power on.

  • Connect to the internet.

  • Personalize & water.

Smart Systems

  • Easy zone setup.

  • Auto-calculate runtimes.

  • Always connected via wifi.

Using Droplet

  • Interact via your phone, tablet, or computer.

  • Automatically runs.

  • Manually run zones or schedules.